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Pulse Points

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Finding Pulse Points on the Body

Primary Pulse Point: Radial Pulse

The main pulse point to locate is the radial pulse:

  • Location: It's found on your wrist, just below your thumb.
  • Technique: Use two fingers with gentle pressure to detect it.
  • Sensation: You'll feel it pulsate against your fingers.
  • Note: Avoid using your thumb and use only one hand.

Additional Pulse Points

Other pulse points on the body include:

  • Brachial Pulse: Located further up your arm.
  • Carotid Pulse: Found on your neck.
  • Femoral Pulse: Situated where your leg and groin bend.
  • Popliteal Pulse: Detectable behind your knee.
  • Pedal Pulse: On top of the foot.

Pulse as a Health Indicator

Your pulse can indicate your health:

If you're unwell:

  • You may lose peripheral pulses, starting with the radial pulse and pedal pulse.
  • This protects the vital areas of your body.
  • Carotid pulse loss occurs in cases of cardiac arrest or death.