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Once you have a NEWS2 score, you then need to know the actions to suggest and take.  Always consider the resident’s total NEWS2 in relation to their normal reference score.

With a NEWS2 score of zero, you need to observe the person. They are likely to be stable enough to remain at home.  Escalate if there are any clinical or personal concerns. Monitor in at least 12 hourly intervals or until there are no further concerns.

A NEWS2 score of one requires immediate senior staff review and you can escalate it if concerned. Repeat the observations within 6 hours. If the next observations remain elevated with no obvious cause, arrange for a GP review within 24 hours. If NEWS is worsening, move to the appropriate escalation point.

When the NEWS2 score is a two, this requires Immediate senior staff review, if there’s no improvement in NEWS (or the same) within 2 hours, seek a GP telephone assessment within 2 hours and then a re-assessment within a further 6 hours. If NEWS is worsening, move to the appropriate escalation point. Continue to undertake your observations every 2 hours.

If there is a Score of between 3 and 4, Repeat observations within 30 minutes. If observations equal a NEWS score of 3 or more, seek urgent GP telephone or face to face review within 2 hours. If NEWS is worsening, move to the appropriate escalation point.

Scores of 5 to 6 require immediate clinical review and advice. Refer to a GP using the surgery bypass number or use NHS 111 to contact if you are out of hours. Urgent transfer to a hospital within 1 hour may be required. You must repeat your observations every 15 minutes.

A NEWS2 score of over seven may require urgent transfer to hospital.  Monitor the patient and follow the guidance of the call handler. Continuously monitor until the transfer is required and make sure it is documented. Remember that admission to hospital should be in line with any appropriate, agreed and documented plan of care.