Advanced Life Support (ALS) Level 3 (VTQ)

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ALS course introduction

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Welcome to the Advanced Life Support Online Course

Course Overview

Explore advanced life support skills through our comprehensive online course.

Course Structure

Discover the flexible learning structure of this course, designed to enhance your understanding of advanced life support.

  • Video Series: Watch instructional videos.
  • Knowledge Review: Answer assessment questions.
  • Completion Test: Conclude your learning with a short test.
  • Pause and Resume: Start and stop the course at your convenience, resuming exactly where you left off.
  • Video Review: Revisit videos anytime during or after the course.
  • Device Compatibility: Access the course on various devices, from computers to smartphones and tablets.

Interactive Learning

Engage with the course content interactively to enhance your learning experience.

  • Pin Video: Keep videos visible while reading text by pinning them to the top of your screen.
  • Text Support: Access additional text content alongside videos for deeper understanding.
  • Subtitles: Enable subtitles (CC icon) for video content.
  • Assistance: Receive extra help if you answer questions incorrectly.

Course Completion

Upon successfully passing the test, you'll receive valuable certificates and access to learning resources.

  • Certificates: Print your completion certificate, certified CPD statement, and evidence-based learning statement.
  • Validation: Validate your certificate by scanning the QR code provided.
  • Learning Resources: Find additional resources and links on the course home page.

Ongoing Support

Experience continued support and updates throughout your training.

  • Access Period: Enjoy course access for 8 months, even after passing the test.
  • Company Solutions: Inquire about free company dashboards for workplace staff training.
  • Support: Reach out via email, phone, or online chat for assistance.
  • Stay Informed: Receive weekly emails to keep your skills current and discover new course content.

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