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Entonox: Swift and Safe Pain Management

Understanding Entonox

Storage, Composition, and Clinical Applications

Storage in Medical Cylinders

  • Distinct Cylinder Appearance: Recognizable by their blue body and white shoulders.


  • Equal Oxygen-Nitrous Oxide Mix: A balanced blend of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide.

Clinical Applications

  • Fast-Acting Analgesic: Rapid pain relief with minimal side effects.
  • Indications: Administered to alleviate moderate to severe pain, including labor pains.


  • Risk of Decompression Sickness: Avoid use within 24 hours after scuba diving, as Entonox can promote nitrogen bubble expansion.
  • Other Contraindications: Not suitable for patients with severe head injuries and impaired consciousness or those with violently disturbed psychiatric conditions.


  • Pneumothorax Risk: Exercise caution when administering to patients at risk of pneumothorax.


  • Patient Self-Administration: Patients are trained to use Entonox with a mouthpiece after proper instruction.
  • Onset of Action: Typically, it takes three to five minutes to become effective, with the maximum effects achieved in five to 10 minutes.