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All About Glucose 10% and Glucose 40% Oral Gel

Understanding Glucose Gels

An Essential Resource for Managing Hypoglycaemia

  • Glucose 10% Solution: Available in 500-millilitre packs; essential for treating hypoglycaemia (blood glucose levels < 4 mmol per litre), especially in known diabetics.
  • Indications: Suitable for unconscious patients where hypoglycaemia is likely or suspected, and when oral glucose administration isn't feasible.
  • No Reported Side Effects or Contraindications: Safe to use without known adverse effects.
  • Administration: Intravenous delivery via a large-gauge cannula into a large vein; caution required due to its irritant nature.

Glucose 40% Oral Gel

Rapidly Elevating Blood Glucose Levels

  • Presentation: Packaged in a plastic tube containing 25 grams of glucose.
  • Indications: Suitable for conscious patients with suspected or known hypoglycaemia, provided there's no risk of aspiration or choking.
  • Buccal Absorption: Quickly elevates blood glucose levels through buccal (oral cavity) absorption; monitor blood glucose levels after each dose.
  • Alternative Administration: In cases of aspiration or choking risk, apply glucose gel by soaking a swab and placing it between the patient's lips and gums to aid absorption.