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Pocket Mask - Advanced

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Enhancing CPR Effectiveness with a Pocket Mask and Oxygen


Improving CPR Efficiency Through Proper Ventilation

Utilizing a Pocket Mask

Simple Steps to Enhance CPR

  • Accessibility: Ensuring the availability of pocket masks in hospital wards and crash trolleys.
  • Ease of Use: The straightforward and user-friendly nature of pocket masks.
  • Deployment: Retrieving the mask from its heart-shaped container, typically in a folded position.
  • Proper Mask Placement: Positioning the mask with the pointy end over the patient's nose, then rolling it down to cover the mouth.
  • Optimal Ventilation: Utilizing both hands to tilt the patient's head back and administer two inflations.

Enhancing CPR Efficiency

Maximizing CPR Effectiveness Through Oxygen Connection

  • Oxygen Supply: Connecting the pocket mask to an oxygen supply for improved ventilation.
  • Oxygen Content: Understanding that normal exhalation contains about 16% oxygen.
  • Increased Oxygen: Elevating oxygen content closer to 100% by connecting to a 100% oxygen supply.
  • Proper Oxygen Flow: Setting the oxygen supply at 15 litres per minute for optimal results.